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PDF Guidelines

We want to make things as easy as we can for you. The information on this page will help you create problem free PDF files and ensure that your job is done on-time.

PDF SETTINGS FILE (Adobe Distiller Required)

The following job option files can be used with the most popular programs including Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign & Acrobat), PageMaker, Quark, Freehand, Word, Publisher, CorelDraw and more. Simply click on the link below to download the appropriate file. Inside the zipped file is the .joboptions file which you can click on to install. Then when you choose to print or export a file to PDF it will be optimized in the format we need to produce high quality personalized business products.

PDF Settings for Spot Colors
PDF Settings for Process Color



  1. Change Conversion Settings (Microsoft) OR Print to PDF and select Options (Adobe).
  2. Use one of our .joboptions files from above OR select “Press Quality” as the conversion method.
  3. Go to advanced settings and check the following IMPORTANT settings if you are not using our .joboptions:
    • Embed fonts and subset at 100%.
    • Select either “Leave Color Unchanged” for spot color OR “Convert All Colors to CMYK” for process color.
  4. For jobs with bleeds, be sure to turn them and crop marks on in your document’s print options (if available). You may need to create a custom page size in your PDF settings as well.
  5. View your PDF file before you send it! You’d be amazed at how many people forget this important step.
    • Check for font substitutions.
    • Check for layout problems.
    • Check for color issues.
    • Do your images look fuzzy?
    • Are your bleeds and crop marks actually there or did they get cut off?

We will preflight your artwork for common problems, but you can avoid delays and extra expenses by reviewing your file first.
We do not accept responsibility for misprints due to errors in client provided artwork.

Everything you ever wanted to know about preparing a PDF file for print:


More and more software programs are coming with PDF capabilities built in to their latest versions, so double check to make sure it’s not already there and you’ve just missed it.

For those who are just stuck working with a program that does not support PDF – keep reading. Hopefully something here will help.

If you have the need to create PDF files on a regular basis, we strongly recommend that you invest in the full version of Adobe Acrobat. If that is not practical for you, there are many alternative methods out there for creating PDFs. Some are programs that you can download and install on your computer. Others are services that allow you to upload your file, have it converted and then e-mailed back. We have not had the opportunity to try many of these alternatives, but some are better than others. You can do a Google search to find one that works for you. We recommend as a trusted source for reviews and free downloads.

If you find a method or program that you really like, let us know so we can consider recommending it to others.

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