Weathervane Graphics has moved its offices!

And guess what? No more steep stairs. We're on the ground floor in a lovely office space with a pretty view of the mountains.
Please note our new address is 400-B Kendrick Lane, Front Royal, VA 22630. 


Weathervane Graphics is a geat web design company and help me with my advertising every year. They really care about the customer and their budget. With their help the campground did great from its very first year and is almost completely full the whole season now.

– Jeremy Baldwin
River Run Campground LLC

When Jeremy first opened for business his marketing budget was fairly tight. He wasn't completely sure how well he would do that first year, and didn't exactly know what his best options were for marketing his new campground online.

After analyzing his competition around the area we determined that the bar wasn't set too high. So we suggested he start with a very simple website and focus any additional funds on various site promotion strategies and on establishing a presence on social media.

We built a simple website; helped claim and set up Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts; and since he was so close by, we even visited the campground and snapped some photos to help get started – well within his budget. The initial project was completed for under $1,000.

Since then, Jeremy has participated each year in our Fundamental SEO Plan to keep his website going and the business growing. Some of the on-going work we are doing includes:

  • Website updates
  • Website maintenance and security
  • Facebook ad campaigns
  • Google AdWords campaigns
  • Research and content editing
  • Providing advice and support for social media

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